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Buxton Military Tattoo

For your information:

We hold your data on UK computers.
Your personal data is encrypted and is not accessible over the internet.

We do not share data with any party for sales or canvassing purposes. We only share the data with Royal Mail for delivery purposes and Buxton Opera House (in the case of those customers who bought their tickets through that outlet) for administrative and accounting purposes only.

We do not purchase data from any source but compile data from our own previous customers and specific requests for information. We do not profile our customers.

We keep the following information: Name and address details, Telephone number, Email address, Car Registration details (where a car parking permit has been provided), Seating requirements (if applicable), Dietary requirements (if applicable).  We do not retain credit card information subsequent to the sale being processed.

We use your data as follows:

Forthcoming Tattoo ticket holders:
  To administer the Tattoo and for accounting and audit trail purposes; to advise of cancellation; to arrange and provide special facilities when required; to deliver tickets and merchandise

Previous customers:
  To advise of the forthcoming Tattoo and for accounting and audit trail purposes required by legislation

Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors, Performers and Musicians
 To contact in respect of the administration and running of the Tattoo, Uniform requirements and Dietary requirements.

You may contact us to amend or delete information or to unsubscribe from our emails / mail at any time by either:
Emailing to
eventmanager@buxtontattoo.org.uk  or  to unsubscribe@buxtontattoo.org.uk
or calling the Event Manager, Chris Thornton on 01298 25568
or writing to Event Manager, Buxton Military Tattoo, 1 The Cottages, Buxton SK17 1AJ

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